Fushi, hand-pulled noodles and su-no-mono

This is called fushi, it’s hand-pulled noodles that can be added to soup and hot-pots. They are made of wheat flour.

Making quick dashi

They were cooked 3 minutes in boiling dashi. Then, mirin, low-sodium soy sauce and enoki mushrooms where added for the last minute.

Dry wakame seaweed in cold water… 2 minutes later :

I added half of it to the noodles :


Sunomono means “a thing in vinegar”. It’s a vinegared instant pickle that is often found in a Japanese meal. There are millions of variations.

Cucumbers, plus the rest of wakame, plus the ingredients used to make the dashi :

The seasoning was simply black rice vinegar, and a little grated ginger.

Eggs with shishito peppers and red chili pepper completed the meal.

Cal 419.5 F14.8g C47.6g P25.3g

4 thoughts on “Fushi, hand-pulled noodles and su-no-mono

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