The cruel end of Lady Hana in her strudel kimono

The flower-lady wears an apple strudel kimono…

Yeah, it’s rice paper. Rehydrated and coated with white sesame oil that makes the dough.

Shredded apple, dried currants, Ceylon cinnamon, freshly ground sesame seeds…
For one apple, I made 2 rolls of 2 sheets each, a 3rd sheet around would have been well…
The rolls were baked slowly 1 hour (150 degree C).

Fold a cooled roll into a kimono. Spread brown sugar, sesame seed, pass under the broiler.

The geisha Hana is ready !

Devour her caramelised lingerie…

And her sweet heart.

8 thoughts on “The cruel end of Lady Hana in her strudel kimono

    • That was soft at 80% inside, and crispy all around after the last trip under the broiler.
      The thing is I used my last sheets of rice paper. I spread apple all over, and rolled that together. If I do it again, I will keep a rice paper sheet to wrap the first apple roll, so there will be more crispiness and the “kimono” will be less transparent and you won’t see the currants…

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