Fruitivore and the simplest mango ice-cream

Weather is dark, hot, humid. I only wanted fruits… and a little dessert. So 100 % fruits. That’s not balanced, not many protein. That’s Ok, for one meal.

A plate of fruits.

A dessert :
mango coconut ice cream.
From frozen mango and canned coconut milk. In the micro-wave, heat avout a cup of mango chunks to -5 degrees Celsius. Paste it with the plunging mixer. Mix in 3 tbs of coconut cream (floating on top of coconut milk).
Keep a few minutes in the freezer, while you eat the rest. You will have a perfectly textured ice-cream.

That’s all. Ready in 5 minutes. No sugar or anything. That’s delicious. Well, I find most ice-creams they sell are too sweet.

3 thoughts on “Fruitivore and the simplest mango ice-cream

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