Yell’Autumn 4 : Making Shan tofu

That’s not corn but yellow split peas, chana dal.
I’ve seen they were used to make Shan tofu“yellow tofu”, a Burmese dish. Let’s try.

Here is the recipe :

I have not the same equipment… As they don’t say, I didn’t put any seasoning. And that’s good this way.
Ingredients :
chana dal

After 24 hours of rehydratation in the fridge.

Creamed in a blender.

Cooked 1 hour (jam program) in my Home Bakery.

After cooking.

Into the jelly case.

Let it cool 2 hours.

Yellow tofu !

It’s firm and easy to cut. The taste ? Not tofu at all… not hummous… like some good potatoe puree.

8 thoughts on “Yell’Autumn 4 : Making Shan tofu

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    • No, I think that would work, but you probably need to boil the liquid a few minutes at the start to eliminate beans’ toxines.

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