Oat style, not Buck’ Palace shortbread

I read in Mary’s post about Buckingham Palace shortbread, that the Queen loves munching with Her Majesty’s 5 o’clock cup of… sherry ? gin ? … well, her 5 o’clock.
They looked delicious. I thought about making them, but I don’t have a butler, nor a Wedgewood china service, nor gin, nor that white “corn flour”. *

So I made another type of shortbread, to serve with tea. The recipe is very similar.
I had wanted to bake those for a while. I read that the original shortbread was made of oats, in times when wheat flour was a luxury. I guess the butter was also a luxury. And the sugar even more. I’ll try the savory lard shortbread another time. It’s an intermediate version.

Paste 15 grammes of butter with 15 g of yellow cane sugar. Add a pinch of salt if your butter is “doux”.

In the mill, powder 40 g of oatmeal flakes. Add them to the butter. Add a few tbs of water to hydrate fully the oats and form dough.

Fill the molds, or spread and cut. Refrigerate a while. Take off the molds. Bake 15 minutes at 180 degree C (no pre-heating).

*Booze in my cup might make me smarter, because I couldn’t become dumber. While my shortbreads were in the oven , I browsed a little and saw that “corn flour” was how Her Majesty called corn starch. And I have kitch cups and saucers, not made of china, but surely made in China.

Perfect texture of “sable”. The taste is mild and buttery.

Delicious commoner snack. With my cup of Darjeeling. I’d need a butler to pour kangaroo milk in it. Takeshi, where did you find yours ?

If you eat all the breads :

Cal 298.8 F16.1g C39.4g P4.8g

Mystery :

4 thoughts on “Oat style, not Buck’ Palace shortbread

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  3. Tes photos sur un fond de couleur noire ressortent beaucoup! 🙂

    J’aime la série de photos avec les minutes qui avancent! hihi

    • J’ai un peu hesite (pour la couleur, pas pour manger les gateaux) et finalement, c’est bien pour la saison. Il me reste a refaire les entetes, automatiquement, ca ne va pas tres bien. Et le blog sera rhabille pour l’hiver.

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