Salade des îles

This food is strikingly colorful naturally…
Too bad I had not the island light. It was dark at dinner time.

It’s a Tahitian salad.

Take some sashimi grade fish and seafood, cut in cubes. I had a mix, bonito, tai, yellow tail, calamari, octopus.
Sprinkle a little lemon or lime juice on it.
Cover with veggies.

Dices of cucumber, triangles of red paprika pepper, onion, shreds of carrot… Tomato would be nice, I had none.
Salt and pepper.
Cover with a sauce of 1/4 lemon juice, 3/4 coconut milk. My coconut milk is canned, I add a few shreds of dry coconut for more taste. Mix well.
Let one hour in the fridge.

Top with green onion…

…coconut cream, more shreds of coconut…

… fresh ginger.

Enjoy !

4 thoughts on “Salade des îles

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