Hattaiko cakes

はったい粉,hattaiko is a flour of roast barley. Like kinako, it can be used this way to spread on mochi or other food. It can be made into a drink. Here it’s an ingredient.

I mixed 50% hattaiko and all-purpose flour, baking powder and water. Then I baked them.
100% of hattaiko would give a pudding.

The cakes are darker than the pound cakes. They are moister and softer too. No need to add sugar, the taste is sweet.
The small bits are dry currants.

kinako-bo and mugi-cha


7 thoughts on “Hattaiko cakes

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  5. Si c’était possible j’aurai aimé savoir le volume d’eau par rapport au volume de farine.
    J’ai cette farine le gout est terriblement bon quand on fait la tsampa.
    Mais ce gâteau à l’air très bon aussi ^^.
    Merci de poster des chose aussi délicieuse qu’équilibrée, le sucre étant un de mes pêchés, j’aimerai le diminuer aussi.

  6. Hi!

    Is it possible to make hattaiko at home? If yes, then how?
    In my city isnt asian grocery store and many e-shop in my country did not specialize much in japanese products, so many times I need to make all ingredients at home – homemade & handmade 😉

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