Diner d’automne – Around a carrot soup

When I was a kid, the “diner”, the night meal was often very simple in my family. Like a soup, a salad, bread, cheese.

Soupe de carottes et adzuki

You can hardly make simpler. A good old potage.
A carrot, juiced in the blender with 4 cups of water. A clove of garlic.
Let simmer 1 hour on the lower level of the induction stove.
15 minutes before the end, add cooked azuki beans.
Season simply with salt and pepper. The taste is well balanced and pleasant.

Crudites, sauce yahourt

Raw veggies : salad celery, kaiware daikon (radish sprouts), red paprika.
Yogurt sauce : yogurt, freshly group pepper
The paprika is slighly salted.

Salad celery. The strong celery flavor complete the soup nicely.

Kaiware. These crunchy sprouts have little of the radish’s pungency.

Brie de Meaux et pain fantaisie

This is French brie cheese. Meaux the town, in Parisian suburb where it is produced. There is not the least relation with what is sold as brie in the US.
As you see, the shape… there is none left. I can’t take it out of the package. I was a big wheel of course, and I bought a thin triangle of it. The color. And the smell is powerful to say the least. I took it out for the photo and I had to take it away while I was eating the rest. Of course, “il est fait”, it’s advanced in maturation. Perfect for me. Too much for Japan, so I could get it discounted.

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