Peanut and carrot congee, from the blog Yin’s Homemade

That was lunch but I was still in the morning blurr… and my camera too.
The original recipe from the blog Yin’s homemade
Well, I drifted away from her recipe. But the basic idea is the most important, so thanks for the inspiration.

At night, in the rice-cooker, brown rice, peanuts, shredded carrots… Chinese congee program.
I slept in a cloud of nutty fragrance.
In the morning added more water and salt, reheated.

Toppings are eggs, negi leeks and home-made ra-yu flavored oil. That’s really delicious.

Shan tofu and home-made ra-yu

2 servings :
Cal 634.5 F29.4g C87.5g P24.3g

3 thoughts on “Peanut and carrot congee, from the blog Yin’s Homemade

  1. Gourmande:
    So happy to know that you enjoy my recipe and really appreciate the link back. I like your idea of egg topping very nutritious 😛

    I use garlic oil for our porridge, have not try ra-yu flavored oil before will check out your recipe on this.

    BTW, I see the water mark on your photo stated Durian is that name? I asked because Durian in Malay word is a type of Tropical fruit Durian and is regards as King of fruit in Malaysia and my favorite too 😛

    • There is a big fashion of ra-yu in Japan. We see new ones every day. I’ll surely post other recipes. It’s easy to improvise at your taste. With dry and roast items, there are few risks.

      No, my parents didn’t give me that smelly name. LOL.
      I like the fruit, even if I have eaten it only a few times. My photo software allows me to program only one automatic water mark, so this one goes well for all blogs and pages.

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