Kuri 1, the Japanese chestnut

A Japanese chestnut in “underwear”.

The kuri, Japanese chestnut is not like the chestnut I knew in France. The first time, I was very disappointed because I expected a pronounced chestnut flavor… It’s closer to a potato. If you don’t compare, it’s good too. You can roast them. Don’t forget to slash the shell before, for your safety. I roast mine in the oven-toaster because I don’t want to make a fire in the fireplace… that I don’t have. That works well too.

The flesh is more yellow… but that varies.

To be continued… delicious chesnut posts :

The best kuri-gohan (marron rice)

okowa rice with chestnut

Kuri, the sweet.

kuri kinton

kuri dorayaki

3 thoughts on “Kuri 1, the Japanese chestnut

  1. Mmmm…I love roasted chestnuts. These look very similar to the chinese chestnuts. Wonder if they taste the same. Never had japanese ones before or maybe I did but didn’t know it 😀

    • Well,I have investigated a little… There existed 4 types, at the orgine :

      European chestnut (sweet, beige)
      Chinese chestnut (sweet, beige)
      Amercican chestnut, well I never had them fresh, but I think they taste similar too.

      Japanese chestnut (not so sweet, yellow), boiled, they could pass for sweet potato. The most common “kuri gohan” is white rice with small yellow chunks. They are very common in Japan, Koreas… and I’ve seen them in China, but, that could have been in Korean restaurants, I can’t remember.

      I’ve read that the 3 first types are suffering from some illness, so they hybrid them with Japanese chestnut that are resistant. So the difference will because smaller…

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