Cheesy tokkpokki al dente ?

I read the post of Chef Joe on the blog Merveilles de la Nourriture, Spicy Korean Rice Cake (ddukbokki) topped with Cheese . He made cheese baked tokkpokki… but in a Korean sauce. That was surely delicious.

After that, my idea was to serve the Korean tokk like Italian pasta, in a tomato sauce and cheese. So I started with garlic and onion in olive oil, added tomato passata, herbes de Provence… then the tokk. The cheese is grated old parmesan. It’s not baked. The last addition is rucola.

That was not bad… but I regretted that was neither spaghetti nor gochujang sauce. Not a so good idea. That happens.

A few steamed veggies. There were also broccoli.

Dessert is a small serving of creme Mont-Blanc aux marrons, with a chip of chocolate (well, it’s 100% cocoa).

Cal 540 F8.8g C78.9g P15.8g

2 thoughts on “Cheesy tokkpokki al dente ?

  1. I did a blog post with 12 different versions of tteokbokki earlier this year based on the idea of treating them just like pasta noodles. Since they are so bland, any flavorful sauce will create a tasty dish.

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