Vongole bianco al’ sake.

An easy one, always delicious…

Pasta for fideua cooked 1/2 as recommended. Onion, white mushrooms, very fragrant green sweet chili, stir-fried in olive oil. Add clams (they were cooked and unshelled), 1/2 cup of Japanese sake, the pasta, 1/2 cup of water. 2 minutes… Add salt, pepper. Eat !

Fresh baby corn. The canned one is tasteless, I never buy it. It’s a nice bit of crunchiness cold.

Added to my plate of crudites, seasoning is sudachi lemon.

Cal 518.5 F8.2g C79.2g P27.5g

2 thoughts on “Vongole bianco al’ sake.

  1. it looks so delicious..
    i m not sure if it s coz of my pc or it s like that , all the photos covering almost the page and impposible to see anything else..

    • Yes, that depends on your PC and browser. You can click on the “about-search-archives-view side menu” on the top bar, and you will see everything on the side. Well normally, tell me if that doesn’t work.
      I have chosen this template to display the photos directly (no need to open albums), and it’s very quick to upload. But it’s true, the photo may cover the side widgets.
      Thanks for your visit.

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