Grand chausson, calzoning chicken…

With the refreshing weather I’m developping a pie-mania. Tonight is a variation of the calzone pizza and other Meditteranean or Middle-Eastern chaussons.

Pizza compilation

Making flat bread and a chausson

The dough is not very solid, made of half AP flour and half nuka (rice bran), with herbes de Provence, sea salt and a little olive oil, added baking powder to avoid a “concrete” texture. That worked well. The dough was like a softer hot digestive cookie. I loved it, ate all the crumbs…

About nuka, rice bran

Chicken breast, red onion, bell peppers, chili pepper…

Grated Parmesan cheese.

Tomato paste with herbes and olive oil.

In the oven heated on “pizza mode”… 25 minutes.

Daikon radish with goya (bitter squash).

A little apple from Aomori, very red, both acid and sweet.

Cal 587.3 F24.6g C72.9g P32.4g

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