Only 5 minutes…

You really have only 5 minutes to prepare a lunch ? I run to grasp some … er… thing, not perfectly well identified at the kombini (convenience store) or I re-heat some frozen … stuff ? No, I don’t have to do that. We have those fridges, rice-cookers, micro-wave, etc, to eat fresh with short prep time.

There is rice in the cooker (that took 1 minute to rinse it in the morning).

Put water to boil.
Grate a zucchini and microwave it 1 minute. Add a slice of sudachi lemon and shichimi 7 spices and sea salt.

2.Rinse a pear.

3.Fill a bowl with natto, an egg, cut negi leek and wasabi. The dashi with the natto can be added. If you want it vegetarian, just add a little soy sauce.

4.Pour water on the tea leaves. It’s genmai cha, green tea leaves and roast brown rice. There is matcha, tea powder added to this one.

READY in 4 minutes !!!!! Then I have time to eat…

Pour the tea first. It was so yellow, but greener in real.

Sprinkle lemon on the zucchini, mix and eat as a first dish.

Mix the natto and egg, add very hot genmai brown rice…


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