Did you know that kaki (persimmons) had to become tipsy to be good ?

柿 Kaki is the Japanese persimmon. Other types of persimmons are native of Americas or Middle East. The “Sharon” is of the same type as kaki.

There are kaki all over Asia. But this fruit had a technical problem. It is shibui (bitter, acid) or good… for fruits on the same tree.
To make it edible, you can let it on the tree a long long time, after the leaves have fallen, and the frost will make it sweeter. (now, dry ice can be used to speed up the process)
Or you can dry them.
Or you can pickle them in alcohol.
Or you store them in rice bran
Or you can keep them a few days in a box with apples…

The Japanese producers have done a great job to obtain trees that give fresh sweet kakis. Also, they found a convenient way to ripen the shibui fruits by placing them in a closed box with alcohol a 35 degree a few days. This special atmosphere provokes maturation. That’s why I wrote in tittle the fruits were getting tipsy.
Since then, the kaki has been enjoyed as a fresh fruit too. It’s very abundant in Japan, mostly as a fresh fruit.
China produces huge quantities, especially dry kakis.

I was given branches of kaki from a garden. They are naturally sweet and delicious.

The dry leaves can be used as a herb tea. They bring C vitamin.

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