The frangipane fragrance

A frangipane and a frangipanier

No, my flower is not a frangipanier. I am not such a good gardener. Click on the link to see areal “plumeria alba”. This flower bush is called frangipanier in French because of the similarity of fragrance with the creamy dessert.

Start a custard cream with flour, milk, egg… add the magic ingredients. One is almond powder, the other is apricot liquor. I use the Chinese one.

Finish with a little butter, a few drops of vanilla and bitter almond essence. Sugar ? At your taste. The Chinese liquor is very sweet, my pears too.

Half of the fruit is diced and added to the cream, half is sliced on top. Bake gently till the pears are a done. Top with a few butter shreds and very little sugar, melt a few minutes under the broiler to get a gloss.

Voila ! Poire frangipane Of course, pears are optional. You can frangipane all sorts of desserts, tarts, etc, or serve only frangipane cream -but I’ve never seen it done.

Let it cool. Pears darkened a little. Mmmmm….yummy !

(the whole)
Cal 532.8 F20.8g C59.2g P13.8g

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