After-Eight daifuku mochi

A daifuku mochi filled with chocolate flavored an and hold by mint flavored mochi. Don’t look for this flavor in Daimaru, they don’t have a “Gourmande in Osaka Wagashi” stall there. Not yet…
That’s invention. And a good one, believe me. They didn’t live long… schlurp ! Over. I wanted more, but I had no more mint !

The leaves are lemon balm, as I said, I used up all the mint in the recipe. I pasted fresh mint leaves in a mortar, with a mint mouth refreshing mini-sweet and added that to the cooked mochi.
I made azuki anko and added lots of cocoa and a little instant coffee to it.

Making anko (tsubuan and koshian) from the beans. Easy recipe.

choco-chip matcha-an daifuku (recipe of mochi from mochiko)

I half-pasted my anko and kept it quite moist, so the texture is between anko and chocolate mousse.

Because of the strong pungent (and delicious) mint flavor, it wouldn’t go well with tea. The tea would appear blander. And with mint tea, you would get the cake’s full fragrance. So have it with coffee !

(2 pieces)
Cal237 F1.7g C48.7g P6.4g

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts.

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