Mayonnaise with a fork, et l’oeuf mayo au yuzu

La mayo

Simple mayonnaise. Maybe it’s too simple.
I’ve seen many bloggers struggling with the mayonnaise. Trying hard, with superb equipments, with extra-long ingredient lists, complex process… Impressive ? No, as in spite of the extraordinary display of effort, they get many failures… Well, why making things easy when you can complicate them at the extreme ?

Here is the KISS mayonnaise, the easy and idiot proof technique.

L’oeuf mayo

L’oeuf mayo is a French classic. That’s what French people actually eat -but please keep believing we are on a diet of ortolans with foie gras entier truffe prout prout prout…

Just boiled eggs, and mayonnaise. Add a slice of bread and a glass of red wine for your carbs, you have a meal. The hardest part is to boil the eggs. LOL.
That’s… well, that was a typical cafe lunch. Some years ago, in France, when you had missed the (fixed hour) of your canteen or couldn’t get back home for lunch, you would enter a cafe and order those boiled eggs. Things have changed now people go to a fast-food. That was cheaper. Well, not everybody could afford (and that hasn’t changed)…

Il est terrible
le petit bruit de l’oeuf dur cassé sur un comptoir d’étain
il est terrible ce bruit
quand il remue dans la mémoire de l’homme qui a faim

Jacques Prevert (there)

Grand-dad showed me how to make the mayonnaise when I was… 3 yr old ? I couldn’t do it on my own then as that took me a while to get used to break the egg without smashing it.

You need this sophisticated equipment : a coffee bowl and a fork
And rare ingredients : egg, oil, hot water
Optional : mustard, salt, pepper, vinegar, lemon juice…

If you don’t own a fork, hold together 2 pairs of chopsticks, but I recommend you to invest. A fork is great to draw lines on butter…
BTW, I get my salt in plastic bags, I’ve refilled the nice box 100 times already. It’s grapeseed oil (neutral).

1. Break, the egg, keep the yolk, put it in the bowl. Add “spices”, if any. Here : salt, pepper, 1 tbs of lemon juice. (that can be a 1 tbs of mustard -or vinegar/salt/pepper -or nothing…). Start beating.

2. Add 2 tbs of oil. When it’s mixed it in, add 4 tbs… again 4 tbs… again 4 tbs…

3. When you get the volume and texture you want, stop.

4. (Bonus trick) Add 1 tbs of very hot water. The mayo gets whiter, it will help it to keep texture. Store in the fridge, the cold temp helps it keeping too.

After that I added more yuzu lemon juice.

NB : Use quickly.
The acid killing bacteria is a total bullshit. Use good eggs. If salmonella is a concern in your area and for your family, buy special “safe eggs”, or make mayo using a boiled egg yolk (like for gribiche sauce), that works too.

The scientist point of view
If your mayo doesn’t get into a smooth emulsion, the great guru Herve This says the reasons are likely to be :
-ingredients too cold. (So don’t take an egg straight from the fridge, or let the yolk and bottle of oil warming up a while before starting)
-too much oil added at one time
-too much oil in total

Well the boiled eggs, nothing complicated of course… If the eggs are fresh from the hen, you’re doomed, the shell will not get out so smoothly, so break it all over and go slowly. Unfortunately, I don’t have that problem.

(the meal, for 2 eggs, 2 slices and bread, with apple and tsukemono)
Cal 574 F26.7g C59.8g P20.1g

9 thoughts on “Mayonnaise with a fork, et l’oeuf mayo au yuzu

  1. Hey, I didn’t know that easy to make mayo. Thanks for sharing. Will bookmark for it when i run out of mayo can make this version 😛

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