Sata Andagi Fu (Okinawan donuts, baked style)

Fu means… “like”, well it’s when you make a “faux” something… It’s not cheating, it’s a variation.
Sata andagi, AKA saata andaagii AKA sa~ta~ andagi~…. as you want, don’t ask me. I don’t do short/long vowels, I don’t do tones, because I’ve never heard such things. It’s simple “sugar donut” in Okinawan.

I’ve baked the pseudo-donuts. The main reason is I don’t like deep-frying in my place. Anywhere else is OK. I wanted to make them at home.

Fried version with kurozato sugar :

black sata andagi (click here)

And I’ve found that they are tastier baked. Well, more at my taste, with less sugar, and less of the oily layer. The inside texture exactly the same. If you never had them, they have texture between pound cake and short-bread, closer to short-bread. It’s easy to make some and try.

I made them less sweet than the original. I beat longly one egg and 2 full tbs of Okinawan sugar. I mixed flour and baking powder. Added it to the egg till I got that texture on the photo. I’ve used 120 g (about one cup) of flour. Mixed in a tbs of sesame oil.

Wait one hour. Oil your hands and shape 9 balls. Normally, deep fry them… I baked them (at 180 then 250 degree celsius) till they become golden and cracked. Next time, I’ll start at 220 degree.
They color and crack less than when they deep-fried.

Okinawan sugar is a must for this recipe, that’s the main source of flavor… Anyway, it’s my regular sugar here. It’s called 三温糖 (san-onto).
If you have to substitute, it’s a quality yellow cane sugar. Kurozato (black sugar) can also be used to make a variation of these donuts.

Other variations : You can fill them. Classic fillings are broken peanuts (should have broken in small bits):

Or black sesame.

A little piece of bad news, as for 9(small and cute) baked sata andagi :

Cal 852 F28.1g C131.4g P20.0g

I know you wouldn’t eat the 9… in one serving.
But it’s possible you’d come back later on that day to eat the rest, oh one more, oh there are only 3 left then I can clean the plate, oops, finished.
Well I did that. So, be sure to have company that will eat them up as soon as they get out of the oven. Or try the recipe with a quail egg, so you will get less.

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