Gratin blanc et blanc, veggie colors and a furikake

A piping hot creamy gratin just out of the oven.

Cute pastel crudites.

A stir-fry for the greens.
For this, I had a home-made furikake.

Furikake means a powder mix to dispatch on top of rice or whatever to bring flavor, colors and a few vitamines too. You can find hundreds of sorts in Japanese supermarket and even high-end grocery store. All levels of quality exist. I stay away from the cheapest MSG loaded artificially enhanced versions.
It’s very convenient for the people with a reduced budget and time that eat their rice bento everyday. They can alternate a dozen of furikake mix, the taste is totally changed. There is no recipe.
Here, I milled fish flakes, broke a few bits of nori seaweed, added natural sea salt, chili pepper flakes, white and black sesame seeds.

The tsukemono is made of this red skin daikon (it’s 1/4th of size too), and salt. Raw daikon or radish helps digesting fat food.

The hot dish, it’s simply boiled potatoes, the “white” part of negi leeks, a little garlic, hand-made momen tofu in cream + a little butter. Nutmeg, nut much. They were baked a while, about 1 hour… Then a little freshly grated parmesan cheese on top, served when that’s melt.

Cal 649 F24.8g C85.9g P31.5g

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