Aburi, welder’s sushi

Ideal for the cooling weather : 炙り寿司 (aburizushi) aburi sushi. It’s fire leached sushi.
If you never had them, you must try. The transformation of taste of the fish is dramatic.

They usually make this with nigiri sushi. Here is my chirashi (display sushi) version with cubes of fish.

Prepare first the sushi rice as you like it. It’s genmai milky queen, with a mix of black rice vinegar, fresh yuzu juice and sea salt.

The top photo is TRICKED !!! Well, you can’t make them and take the photo at the same time. It’s too quick and a bit dangerous.

I didn’t use this cutie :
You need pro material, the one from the DIY store that tops a bomb of butane gas :

It’s a cheap toy that will serve you for the creme brulee, to light up your barbecue, etc.

That takes 15 seconds to weld all your fish.
The second thing is you don’t want to roast your rice, so do the welding on a separate dish and put it on rice after. BTW, adding the sesame was not a good idea. They became too dark. It’s better to roast them separately. I’ll know next time.

That’s a preparation that suits “a little fat” fish, as lean white fish would dry too much, and too fat would smell. I have mostly cubes of yellow tail, lean parts of salmon and bonito.
I prepared the fish 10 minutes before, passing 1 tbs of salt reduced soy sauce all over, then 1 ts of oil that keeps the heat (not sesame oil, I used grapeseed oil).

Into :

Pass the hot flame quickly. If the fire it’s too weak, you will waste it all, the fish will be hot before cooking. So get the good equipment.
Here is a video (not mine) of a chef “welding” a nigiri sushi :


The fish is not hot, slightly warmed only. It has a “barbecued” flavor and a sashimi texture. It’s really delicious. Transfer on the rice and eat at once. The flavor doesn’t stay. Do the welding at the table. And if you want your welder sushi more refined like here, order them to a pro, and be sure to be seated at the bar so you can enjoy the show of their preparation and enjoy them at their best, a few seconds after preparation.

10 thoughts on “Aburi, welder’s sushi

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  2. Great photos and excellent tips. I love any sort of cooking that requires a trip to Home Depot :?) Do you keep a loose fluffy flame like in the picture, or do you adjust the mixture for a tighter, hotter flame?

    • The picture is “staged” because I couldn’t take a photo of the real action. If the flame is as small as on the picture, that’s not good at all.
      You have to use the big burner, and a strong flame from the start, and only for a few seconds. That takes longer to explain than to do it. The first time, start trying with a small piece of fish.

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