Gratin de coquillettes forestier

Mac no cheese ? There is cheese, about 1/2 spoon of parmesan. It’s shell shaped pasta not macaroni.
It’s the lazy recipe.

Maitake mushrooms.

Keep the tops, cut the feet in small bits.

Yeah lazy : raw small pasta, the feet of the mushrooms, ham (good one not flavored, it’s “roast pork” actually).

Egg yolks plus milk, plus water. Very little garlic, salt, pepper. Mix well. Cover the dish (more than on thr photo, I wanted to show under). Let overnight or since the morning.

Bake 90 to 120 minutes, then cover with a mix of rice bran (I wanted to use bread crumbs but I had none in stock), parmesan cheese, salt, pepper. Put the tops of mushrooms and shavings of butter. Pass under the broiler about 10 minutes, till it’s golden and mushrooms are roasted.
That was good BUT more liquid would have given a creamier result.

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