Mini-lasagne for a vegetal pause

I’m not vegan, but I sometimes have totally plant-based meals. This is a version of the new classic tofu lasagna.


Half a block of hand-made momen (cotton) tofu, pressed a while to extract water, sliced in 3. In between, red onion, eringi mushroom, garlic and sakekasu (they have a fermented flavor, like old cheese), then tomato flesh. On top, herbes de Provence, salt, pepper, bread crumbs. A drizzle of olive oil… and the “gratin program” of the oven.

Turnip leaves (not so fresh as they were…), dipped a few seconds in boiling water. With shiso leaves. And gomadare (sesame sauce, with miso and black rice vinegar).

Suimono (drink soup). It’s a broth of soy sauce, seaweeds and little grated ginger, with wakame seaweed.

A few chionoules as dessert.

making Greek snowballs

Cal 644.7 F38.7g C61.1g P24.5g

3 thoughts on “Mini-lasagne for a vegetal pause

  1. Absolutely darling and inspired! I’m embarrassed to realize I’d never dream of making a version of lasagne in anything but the prescribed large rectangular pan. Genius! Thanks for prompting some out of the box culinary thinking!

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