Ichigo daifuku mochi. It’s strawberry season, really ?

My grand-parents produced strawberries for a living, so I know the beast well enough to be sure it is not a Winter fruit in the Northern hemisphere. But in Japan… they heard there was Christmas in other countries and that seemed fun. So they all wanted to Santa and dress in red. And eat read fruits… like strawberry. Now it’s part of the totally kitsch Japanese kurisumasu…

If you want to see where they come from, and discover those I’ll eat next year probably, visit the Shizuoka Gourmet.

So I know it’s bad, not ecological… and they are not really good. They are sour… Well, I’ve bought a few, a handful.

The trick is to hide them in ball of anko (azuki bean sweet paste).

Prepare mochi.

Wagashi Saga : Photo-menu of all Japanese sweet posts, and recipe posts.

And make ichigo daifuku mochi. OK, the shape is… artistic today. They were delicious anyway.

They go well with a bowl of foamy matcha ceremony green tea… unceremonially served.

1 daifuku :
Cal 137 F0.4g C30.2g P3.3g

4 thoughts on “Ichigo daifuku mochi. It’s strawberry season, really ?

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