Canard à l’orange mikan et endives caramélisées

The canard à l’orange , duck in orange sauce, is a classic. I have used the juice and zest of local mikan (Japanese “mandarin” oranges).

Last time I mentioned mikan , several persons said they never had seen any. Well, that’s not to lower this good fruit, but they are not so special. Mikan is the Japanese name. The many species of tangerine/mandarin/clementine and mikan oranges are cultivated in many areas of the world and exported all over.
It seems I shouldn’t say mandarin, but I have never heard or read mikan in stores in France, I don’t think anybody knows the name in Europe… but the fruit is sold there. It’s more expensive.
I’ve said I have “wild” ones, meaning there are many trees in the nearby woods, and the owner gathers them roughly and come to sell them at the back of their truck. But the trees were probably crossed with pollens of cultivated trees that went back to wilderness, not “totally natural” trees in Japanese forests since the first day of the world. The fruits wouldn’t be so nice.

That was slow cooked all afternoon. I was not too happy of that sauce. I put it aside and prepared the side dishes, then reheated. When I served it, the color was brighter and even the taste of fruit was very clear and matching the strong duck flavor.

To go with that, a few pasta. And cooked till they are brown, an eringi mushroom…

and a few endives. I added a little balsamico vinegar to speed up the process.

Endives are clearly exotic to Japan, and most recipes are for salads. They are sold at the unit, at the price of the kg on other continents. For that, I shop go to a wholesaler, as 4 endives is a “big quantity”.

Cal 478 F10.3g C66.0g P33.3g

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