Crystalline Ice Plant (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

About Ice Plants, see how they are cultivated on Shizuoka Gourmet’s blog

Ice Plants & Tomatoes in Yaizu City: Ooba Garden (via SHIZUOKA GOURMET)

Ice Plants & Tomatoes in Yaizu City: Ooba Garden Mr. Hiroyuki Ooba/大場弘之, growing ice plants and tomatoes at Ooba Garden/おおば農園 in Yaizu City/焼津市 "Looking forward to diversify!" Meeting 100 students in my classes at University does prove useful when I wish to discover new producers and farmers as in Shizuoka Prefecture some of these very students are bound to be the sons and daughters of local farmers! One such student was kind enough to introduce to her father, Mr. Hiroyuki Ooba (51) growing ice … Read More


Previous post about them :

Crystalline Ice Plant "Puttina", on toasts (made of wanton skins) with cream cheese, pepper mix and anise seeds. The ice plant comes from South Africa. The leaves are edible and naturally salty. On them, those pearls of gel that look like ice. In Japan, they are sold as "puttina" pronounced プッチーナ, "ice plant", "queen's vegetable". 8 toasts : Cal 81.8 F5.2g C7.4g P2.0g Fr : Cette plante ( ficoïde glaciale ? plante de glace ? plante crystalline ?) vient d'Afrique du Sud … Read More

via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka

2 thoughts on “Crystalline Ice Plant (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

  1. Chere amie! Bonjour de Shizuoka!
    Merci pour ta grande gentillesse!
    Encore bien d’autres producteurs a venir, puisque ces reportages paraissent aussi officiellement sur
    Une television locale nous a aussi demande de l’aider pour une serie de reportages sur la nourriture locale!
    Une bonne et heureuse annee!
    Bien cordialement,

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