Guess what is in that box…

Countless people have made a weird face when they opened a preciously wrapped present from Japanese people and only found an empty black plastic box… Not a funny joke. Well plastic bento boxes exist, I have some too, but your present my well be a nice lacquer box.

They are luxury items, of the finest Japanese handicraft. Wooden boxes, painted with many layers of lacquer (urushi) and then decorated with fine patterns. They are also very delicate. If the air is too dry, they get splints. That’s the vessel for great occasions… Mine has an Autumn pattern. But it’s the only authentic one I have, so I use it for New Year.

The inside is always red, it seems. I’ll show you it full soon. Don’t worry.

Not easy to photography. It shines like a mirror, you can see my street in the reflect…

To discover the content :

Osechi ryori compilation

I got more boxes (click here):

5 thoughts on “Guess what is in that box…

  1. That is a gorgeous Japanese box! I love it. I love all these Asian style things and this one is gorgeous. Especially if it’s handpainted. It’s beautifully elegant. I read a novel recently called “The Last Concubine” which depicts an olden Japan. And I can just imagine these type of boxes being used in the palaces of the emperor etc.

    Hope you have a most wonderful and prosperous New Year! I’m sure it must be quite different and exciting in Japan! =)

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