Osechi 5 : chicken matsukaze

Matsukaze, kaze the wind passing through the branches of matsu the pine… That gives good luck for sure. I don’t know more. It’s the name of this recipe of chicken.

Chicken matsukaze

Adapted from the recipe “ichimatsu noshi tori” (chicken on a chessboard) of Mrs Suzuki.

Ground meat was used in the initial version. I used a full breast.
With a knife, cut a 300g of chicken breast in the smallest bits you can. It’s easier if the meat is very cold, slightly frozen. Put half of the meat in an oiled heated pan, ans stir-fry it till golden. Let it cool. (photo 1) In a blender, combine 1 small egg, the raw meat, 1 tbs of chunky white miso, 1 tbs of low salt soy sauce, 1 tbs of sugar. Mix it into a cream texture. Add the cooled cooked meat. Mix again slightly or longer, depending on the texture you wish. I think smooth is more traditional. I prefered chunky.

Put cooking paper in a square/triangular dish and fill it in order to have about a 5 cm height. (photo 2).
Bake covered with a foil about 20 minutes at 250 degree C. Take out the foil a few minutes before it’s done. After 15 minutes, start checking if it’s cooked with a pick. If the pick gets out dry and some liquid splashes out, it’s done. (photo 3)

With a serrated knife level the top and take out the “roasted” bits. Cover the half with sheet of paper to make a rectangle topped with white poppy seeds. Move the paper and cover the other half with powder flaked aonori green seaweeds. Let it cool. (photo 4).

When it is cold, cut regular bicolor band. Place them in reverse order in the box to form a checker pattern. Serve the 2nd to 5th day as taste is better after a little rest.

It was DELICIOUS !!!!! I didn’t know that dish. It’s this year’s Osechi discovery for me.

Osechi ryori compilation

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