Osechi 6 : the vegetable box

That’s the top floor of the 3-tier Osechi New Year dinner… A mix of braised Japanese vegetables.

Osechi ryori compilation

Are introductions still necessary ? Well, it never hurts…

Kintoki carrots.

Shiitake mushrooms.

Sato imo (taro).

Konnyaku. Konnyaku is also a root vegetable. I have never seen it “whole”, maybe there is no way to keep it. They prepare it at the farm. They grate and cook, and it becomes those blocks. They can be cut the way you like.

I like cubes. The texture is a very firm jelly. The taste… is neutral, inexistant. It takes the taste of the sauce. It has nearly no calories. Pure fibers. It favors digestion.

Recipe :

I rinsed the konnyaku. Cut the carrot in slices and gave flower shape to the larger ones. I peeled, cut and boiled the taro. I cut the mushrooms top.
In a mix of kombu dashi (seaweed stock), low sodium soy sauce am mirin, I simmered the 3 first ingredients till carrots were tender. I added the mushrooms and simmered a little more. I let the veggies cool in the reduced sauce.
The leaves are decorative.

3 thoughts on “Osechi 6 : the vegetable box

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    • I have added the link to the other post where I showed them first. Actually, they look even more red in reality. Whole, they are of the same colour as tomatoes. Cooked, they are darker than standard carrots. The taste is not special but the texture is a little harder.

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