Nigella style mikan cakes

It’s a simplified version of Nigella Lawson ‘s clementine cake

I had only 1 egg left and boiling 1 mikan orange that long… I took the quick way, and as usual less sugar.

1 big mikan orange, brushed, rinsed and boiled 5 minutes in microwave. Into the blender, the cooked mikan, 60 of milled almonds, 1 tbs of cane sugar, 1 egg, baking powder, a little almond essence. Vrooom….

The mix into 4 financier molds. Baked (I let the oven decide.).

The only defect is they are easily breakable… I couldn’t get them out of the molds in 1 piece. Next time, I’ll bake them in paper cases.

1 small cake :

Cal124 F9.5 C5.4 P4.8

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