Modern mochi, the moffle way

No Japanese new year without mochi (blocks of pounded cooked sticky rice)… There are classics way to serve them, yaki-mochi (grilled chewy), boiled in soup, okaki (grilled crispy).
This is the lazy way mochi…

To have the authentic ones, certified by the Moffle Academy, you absolutely need to buy a moffle maker of the authentic moffle brand :

As you see, it’s a robot piglet from Star Trek. It’s not cheap, but if it comes from another era, planet and dimension, that’s normal.

I shouldn’t tell you that, but the truth is you can use any waffle maker you already own. Because inside the pork belly there is a bona fide waffle iron :

So I have an old and standard waffle-maker.
Heat it. Put one small mochi per square, or slices of big ones. The goal is to fill the machine and still be able to close it.

Wait at least 5 minutes.

Ta da da !!!! You get mochi sembei in shape of waffle, moffles… At that point they are soft and chewy. You can let them longer. At 7 minutes, I got crispy outside, chewy inside, which is what I prefer. At 10 minutes, I got dry okaki.
If you cook them into okaki (crackers), you can keep them for later. But if they are chewy, you have to eat them hot. Otherwise they harden and become like hard plastic when they cool down.

With natto, cucumber, negi leeks and mustard.

Savory moffle.

Dessert moffle with fruit platter (walnuts, grapefruit, kumquat, lichis).

13 thoughts on “Modern mochi, the moffle way

  1. When you said mochi I was thinking of the sweet little balls filled with my favorite–red bean paste. But this is an interesting mochi, too! I like the moffle maker because it’s so cute!

  2. Moffle maker is really cute….I love red bean paste too, I never tried to make that at home, but I will now…usually when visiting Japanese market I buy cakes filled with bean paste, they make it fresh …but that is different kind of dough more like cake……love it!

    • I can’t tell. I think it’s unlikely as the Japanese models of electric appliances are rarely exported. For the US, it’s a question of regulation as the voltage is similar and it would work there.

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