Nanakusa Okayu

Let’s use the 7 herbs (nanakusa) I showed you yesterday.
Okayu is the Japanese for rice porridge. It’s often served as a breakfast in Asia.

Preparation :
Rinse rice (here genmai brown rice, koshihikari) and cook it slowly with lots of water (I add 8 times the volume of rice and more later). I used the overnight program of the rice-cooker.
When you get the porridge as you like it, chop the herbs :

Add them, cook 5 more minutes.

You can use the time to prepare gomashio (gomasio). I know some people buy it. It’s not a good idea as it’s so good fresh. Goma shio is goma (=sesame) + shio (salt), no trick.
Heat a pan, add sesame and “raw” seasalt, abd cook a few seconds while turning the pan to stir constantly (and avoid sesame popping outside). That’s all. You can pound them or not.
Today not. It can be white or black sesame. Today, both.
The roast flavor doesn’t last days. So I prefer preparing just the amount I need.

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