Crosses en goma-ae

A few kogomi as the Japanese call them. Do you say fern sprouts or fiddlehead greens, têtes de violon, crosses de fougère ?

I know they are not so common over the world, but a few people eat them in Canada and in France, at least. In theory, ferns are slightly toxic… so that shouldn’t become a staple. A few every year are probably OK.
It’s a Spring veggie… they appeared early at the market.
They are part of the 山菜 sansai (mountain vegetables) popular for old style Japanese cuisine. If you click at the Japanese of wikipedia, you will see the list of such plants is extremely long and many have no common name in other languages.

The kogomi look like Saint-Nicolas’s crosse :

Or like Martians….

On the top photo, they are salted and waiting to release their juice. Then I poured boiling water on them.

And added a goma-ae dressing made on pounded white sesame, Kyoto miso (white and sweet), rice vinegar, a little garlic, grated ginger.

I boiled a few other stuff to comple, soba buckwheat noodles, spinach, momen (cotton) tofu covered with chili pepper. I added the broth of soba to the rest of sesame sauce, to have a hot dip sauce for the noodles and veggies.

Cal 486.1 F15.7g C63.3g P30.4g

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