Cutie cup sushi and green miso

Mini-cup salad sushi are a fun variation.

I prepared the sushi meshi (rice) with black rice vinegar.
I topped with salmon and veggies marinated in a little olive oil with herbes de Provence and salt.

There are many funny disposable cute paper cups to garnish the bento lunch boxes. That’s not very ecological. The re-usable silicone ones better and I use them in priority. I complete with one or two paper ones for the fun.

Kabocha (pumpkin) steamed in microwave, and horenso (spinach), juiced, are the basis of the miso soup.

This are sprouts of… no idea. Radish ? Beets ? They are a little tangy like a radish. Well, they are cultivated and sold to decorate sashimi plates. These are called shiki beni (red 4 seasons).

Cal 525.7 F8.0g C85.1g P26.1g

7 thoughts on “Cutie cup sushi and green miso

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