Kanburi Daikon, a Winter classic

This is an economic Winter dish. Longly simmered and heart-warming. It’s made with humble ingredients.
Daikon are huge and abundant. And it’s made with the “leftover” of fish.

The fish is buri, hamachi, etc, is Pacific yellowtail amberjack. I had never seen any of this seriole in France, but it’s very common here. It is particularly delicious in Winter. So it becomes 寒ブリ, kanburi, “cold amberjack”. The fishmongers cuts the fat and nice bits for sashimi, the lean and nice ones for teriyaki grilling. The small bits and the parts with bones are discounted. They are perfect here…

The daikon radish can be a little bitter. So, peel it, cut big chunks and boil them a while in water you kept from rinsing rice, or water in which you add a little corn starch.

A full pot… The daikon, the bits of fish, a mix of low sodium soy sauce and mirin (I like equal parts), a dry chili pepper, a piece of kombu seaweed, plenty of water… Forget it on the stove a long time, on low heat. Then taste the sauce, you can add more water if you find it too salty, or at the contrary continue a little without the lid to reduce it.
I have added the green bits of leaves at the end, and served with diced raw ginger.

Serve hot or cold. That can be a side dish. With rice, that makes a meal.

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