Becoming cassoulet. From beans to bliss.

Steps to a fish cassoulet for the Daring Cook Challenge .

Serving the fish cassoulet
Definition : dry beans, slow-cooked in fat, then baked with lots of garniture in a cassole.

You need dry beans, because if they are canned, they miss a part of the cooking in the aromatic broth… and that affects the taste. I already did it, of course, with precooked beans. It didn’t have the distinctive taste of cassoulet, and the texture was not giving that velvety sauce and the crust.
The French white coco beans are nowhere around here. Sometimes I get tebo mame that are close. Sometimes I don’t get them. These are tiger beans, tora mame. They are good for Osaka as our base-ball team are Tigers too…

Rehydrated one night, boiled 10 minutes, then drained from water.

Morue, salted dried cod fish.


Rehydrated 24 hours, changing the water a few times.

Poached a few minutes in boiling water.

Dry salted shishamo (Hokkaido smelt), bought that way.

A full head of garlic, onion, clove, laurel, a chili pepper, fried slowly in olive oil. Then the aromatic veggies, tomato (puree), carrot, celery. Plus the beans, plus plenty of water. Bring to a boil. Simmer slowly all day.

The cooked beans.

Alternating the 3 fish (cod, smelts and sardines in oil) and the cooked beans in the cassole dish.

About 2 to 3 hours in oven (not too hot). A crust is formed. And broken with a spoon. Baked again till a new crust is formed. That should be 7 times ? Honestly, that was 5.

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