Corn cream comfort, more refined than it seems…

That’s a lazy brunch. Corn cream soup is the main dish. It’s one of the few Western soups Japan has totally adopted. In Winter, all vending machines sell corn cream…
Years ago, when I was a student, I was participated to an exchange program to study Japanese and we were staying one month in a cheap hotel for businessmen. They served dinner, and every night they served us… corn cream. I ended up hating it… That’s forgotten.

Let’s see the side dishes first.
You can see I had moffles, it’s convenient and I’m finishing the mochi stock.
moffle, mochi waffle

As you see, I had a side dish of red bell pepper. The seasoning is simply salt, pepper and a few drops of a flavorful oil, argan oil, huile d’argane that I received as a gift from Morocco. It’s really delicious.

Shungiku are chrysanthemum leaves, with bits of smoked cheese.

Green tea. It’s a mix matcha and genmai cha. Green, nutty, strong…

Corn Cream

I make it from a can or frozen boiled corn kernels.
In the blender :
1 cup of drained corn kernels
1 ts of corn starch
1 ts of skim milk powder
salt, pepper (to taste)
Mix, and cook 2 minutes. Add a few whole kernels, reheat.

One way is to add a noisette (ts) of butter… you see it melting here.
Or as below, with bits of red cheddar.

Pearls of maize, fresh corn cream

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