Effeuillée de morue parmentière

My fix of French food. It’s a salt cod and potato dish. As Mr. Parmentier was the French potato hero, anything with potatoes is parmentier now.




Soaked cod fish.

Olive oil refried the “flaked” fish, onions, garlic, a little ginger, chili pepper….
A little of nutmeg as it is potato’s best friend.

Topped by roast bread crumbs and olive oil.
It’s a totally idiot proof recipe. Take good ingredients, it will turn delicious.

A mini-side of nira kimchi.
making nira kimchi

Pinapple and few goji berries as a dessert.

Cal537 F10.3g C89.7g P25.9g

2 thoughts on “Effeuillée de morue parmentière

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