So men became new men… gni ?

No, this blog has not changed of monomania. You are at the Osaka nooddlivore circle. It’s about somen and niumen (pronounced ni -oo- men), 2 names for Japanese vermicelli.

In Summer, they were somen, click here to see that post.

In Summer, they are served chilled, even in iced water, as そうめん somen. The same noodles, served in a hot soup are にうめんniumen and the name would be a contraction of “ni(-ru” (cooking) and “soumen”. I’m not sure of that.
Well, niumen often make a simple light supper. They are said to be easy to digest.

Boiled *men*.

Kakinoki-take (persimmon tree mushrooms)

Fresh shrimps, boiled. Add ginger, chili pepper and sudachi lemon to the boiling broth of shrimps and mushrooms. Serve with a bouquet of chervil.

5 thoughts on “So men became new men… gni ?

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  2. This sounds like a great starting point for me, sans seafood- I have tons of somen, and no idea of how to use it. Whenever I cook it, it gets all gummy and nasty. Clearly, I can use all the guidance I can get!

    • I think you over-cook them or keep them too long.
      You should use a lot of boiling water for only 1 or 2 bundle at a time. Add them in and stir. Cook only the time indicated on the package. Mine says 2 minutes, I do 30 seconds less, as I easily lose 15 seconds to put them in and again out.
      Then, to eat cold in Summer, drain immediately, rinse in ice-cold water (with ice cubes) and put them in bowl with more ice-cubes and water. Serve them this way, swimming in the water.
      To eat hot (or for salad), drain immediately and rinse briefly in fresh water and place the colander on top of a pan of hot water (I keep the water when I first strain) so they stay hot till you serve, stir-fry them or mix in the dressing.
      In any case, they have to be eaten (cooked/made a salad) in 30 minutes after boiling, otherwise texture becomes weird.
      Hope that helps.

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