Boeuf-carottes forever

The typical French Winter stew. 5 minutes of work, marinate, cook a little and let simmer long long hours in rice-cooker transformed in crock pot.

Bring the bread (thank you, little home-bakery). It’s rice-bran and sesame bread.



Steamed veggies to be beautifully healthy. They are delicious naturally, even salt is not needed.

Kabocha brings carotene, vitamins and all. It gives a nice skin and prevents colds. They say.

Kiwi produced in Japan. Well no seeds.

Dry persimmon.

On yogurt.

(meal + bread)
Cal 692 F12.6g C111.3g P36.7g

Previous versions :


Boeuf de huit heures… Slow cooked beef

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