A red velvet Korean soup

It is an ideal way to warm you up in Winter. I know I’m repeating myself, but believe me or not, the cold weather does the same.
Kimchi chigae (jjigae) is also a convenient dish to finish your stock of kimchi.

Remember, I made that home-made nira kimchi. . It’s a lacto-fermented condiment. It matures like a yogurt.
The first day, it’s not too good. Then it’s “young kimchi”, quite sweet. Then it’s balanced, the ideal to eat it on its own. And later, it’s a bit over. A bit sour, but the taste is deep and rich, so it’s good to cook. How long it takes depends on the recipe and the storage conditions. Some kimchi last several months, but not in your fridge. So I ate mine after a week :

Now at the second week, sourness appears :

This is what is left. So to make chigae, I boiled water. Added the kimchi and gochujang (spicy miso sauce).

Kakinoki-take (persimmon tree mushrooms), silky tofu.

A raw egg is added to the hot broth. And a little fragrant sesame oil.

And I am in Seoul ! The time I’m eating this I can feel the heat on the ondol heated floor they have in Korean houses… even if I’m on that icy tatami (no proper heating in Japan).

Cal : 462 F 17.7g C 62.4g P 26.3g

Korean Gourmande (photo compilation of my Korean posts)

6 thoughts on “A red velvet Korean soup

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  2. This is a most wonderful soup, and would definitely warm you up to your toes! I’ve never seen kimchi like this. We normally use cabbage. Seoul is a nice place, I loved it there. Though I don’t remember it being cold without proper heating. Korea is such a nice place to live, great food, great people, I miss it. Especially the food! Like bulgogi, dolsot bibimbab, and I don’t know how to spell the name of the rice cake dish fried with chilli paste and fish slices or something.

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  5. Je rêve de faire mon propre kimchi.. Mais c’est trop épicé pour moi. Quand j’achète celui du commerce je le passe sous l’eau (si si ça a encore bien du gout on sent le piment et l’ail !)
    J’aimerai l’épicer moins, mais je ne suis pas sûre que ce soit sain avec moin d’épice et quasi sans piment…

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