Happy maki day ! Setsubun makizushi

Eating maki-zushi on Setsubun day is a popular Japanese tradition.
Setsubun is the start of Spring in old Japanese calendar. Throwing mame (beans) to bring luck is another tradition of the day.

They are futo-maki, big fat rolls richly filled… The Spring roll is symbol of fertility.

Sushi rice. Yes, mine is not white due to black rice vinegar.

Nori seaweed.

Gu (fillings).

Roll. If you don’t own a makisu mat, it’s terrible ? Nope, when I don’t find mine, I use any thick towel or a piece of flexible plastic (of plastic table cloth). That’s the same.

Cut. Serve as usual with soy sauce, grated wasabi, pickled ginger, green tea.

3 thoughts on “Happy maki day ! Setsubun makizushi

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