Pure mousse au chocolat

Just eggs and pure cacao are needed to make a mousse au chocolat.

Cocoa mass. 100% cocoa.

Basic pure chocolate mousse :

1 egg,
same weight of chocolate

Melt the cocoa chips or broken bits.
Beat egg white.
Add a little water to the chocolate and mix in the egg yolk.
Add delicately the white.
Wait 2 hours to 1 night.

Then :

You can take a more elaborated chocolate, add sugar and replace the liquid.

Mousse au chocolat et a l’orange.
With Grand-Marnier and orange flavored sugar syrup. Decorated with mandarine peels (cooked in syup).

Orange version, with 1 egg (makes 2 servings) :
Cal 370 F26.0g C23.7g P11.1g

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