Saint-Shoppentine, say cheeeeese !

What I didn’t buy… but that’s not because they didn’t try hard.
Even outside shops, they display the boxes of choko. As I explained there (click) Valentine=Buy-Chocolate. That’s not the romantic date day. There is one, on Xmas. So all the effort is on chocolates and sweets.

Let’s start the party with a bubbly drink : Chocolate Sparkling. A seasonal junk. I tried it another year. The first one taste delicious, the next one… disgustingly sweet and artificial. Hey, it’s soda.
I like this year’s Alice bottle. kucha kucha ! Photo only !)

All supermarkets, shopping streets, shopping centers and department stores have big “Valentine” corners this month. What you see is “tiny”, only one small local supermarket. In city center, it’s quite similar… but 100 times bigger. I’m sure the excess of choice makes them lose so many sales to people that can’t decide which they want.

All styles. All qualities. All prices. BUT even the cheaper offers are more expensive than usual in the fancy package.

For kids too.

Want a kit ? If you don’t see, the kits for 1 use cost more than packaged ready chocolates.

Buy books to learn, buy supply to make, buy kistch decoration, buy packaging…
I have everything at home already :
my choko-friends

If you don’t like chocolates have waffles, marrons glaces, baumkuchen…

The fresh dessert zone is valentinized too.

This I had not seen before. It’s a set chocolates + handkerchief (that they use as personal hand towels). Not sure it’s a good idea.

In department store, I wouldn’t be able to take photos due to the crowds. They have many corners with windows like that, for each brand, with staff in uniform. Each display a series of boxes. You buy the box, wrapped in paper, inside assorted bag, and they wrap that again for you to carry it.

8 thoughts on “Saint-Shoppentine, say cheeeeese !

  1. Blimey! What a whole lot of delicious treats! How did you stop yourself, I would’ve wanted to buy the whole store! ūüėÄ Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope it’s full of love and joy =). Love those little chocolate dinosaurs that you made too. Too cute!

    • That’s the choice… Which one of the 1000 shops ? And really there are so many that even if Bill Gates lends me his credit cards, I’ll never get them all. LOL I hope you enjoyed Valentine Day if it’s special for you. For me, it’s mostly an occasion to make chocolates, and that’s really exciting.

  2. I didn’t think it was possible, but talk about chocolate overload!!! I think sometimes less is better. It’s a lot easier to choose, and you don’t have to borrow Bill’s charge card. Although it might be worth it just for that beautiful pink box of chocolates. Have a lovely week.

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