hotate no tsukuri

Zen simplicity for fresh Hokkaido scallops.

Tsukuri, means “made”, made as sashimi

Opened by the fishmonger. I hope they don’t suffer too much. Well, sorry I eat you little shells. You eat a lot yourself…
I had to clear the stomachs for the next photos. Obviously they eat like us : nori seaweed.

Lots of roe (orange).

Made… not by a pro. With grated wasabi, a few leaves.

Just soy sauce.


Keep tuned, it’s just a starter.

The rest of the series of scallops in their shell :

Japanese sashimi (otsukuri)

fruity Korean sashimi

Creamy miso (brasero)

bataa-shoyu yaki (brasero)

5 thoughts on “hotate no tsukuri

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