My sweet Korean sashimi

Second sashimi plate of Hokkaido hotategai (scallops). I “butterflied” this one.

The Koreans often serve the sashimi seafood with a sweet sauce. I think it’s gochujang (spicy miso), and some kind of sweetener (honey, sugar, syrup…), and water to make it at the same texture as ketchup. I am not a fan of this version, but the sweetness goes well with white seafood. That’s less common, but in a fancy shop, I have seen them associated to fruits, like nashi pear. And that was really great.

The season of nashi is over. I took apple and sudachi lemon. And I made pearls of gochujang.

The sweeteness and acidity of the fruits was perfect.

The strings are the best. Serve them after as the taste of sea is much stronger. Maybe that’s not for everybody’s taste. I usually prepare them after too. You need to rub the strings in salt, wait a while and rub again, so you get perfectly white and clean strings. Rinse well in water. They can be served that way (with wasabi and soy sauce in Japan). Here I mixed a little gochujang and a little shochu alcohol.

To eat after :
Bean sprouts, kimchi, the rest of baby shiso and a little yukari (dry shiso), stir-fried.

Wrapped in nori seaweed. I roasted it slightly and passed fragrant sesame oil on it.

Korean Gourmande (photo compilation of my Korean posts)

The rest of the series of scallops in their shell :

Japanese sashimi (otsukuri)
Creamy miso (brasero)

bataa-shoyu yaki (brasero)

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