Crispy noodles with seafood ankake

Crispy fried ramen noodles. I buy them like that.

With stir-fried scallops, shrimps, nanohana (rape blossom), carrot, soy bean sprouts…

Covered by ankake. It’s a sauce thickened with katakuriko (potato starch). It has too be not too thick want a pudding, but the thickest possible for a sauce, to avoid making the noodles lose crispiness in the liquid. I flavored the sauce with aji chili, garlic, onion, oyster sauce.

Serving : place the noodles in places. Top with the seafood (if cooked separately). Bring the very hot sauce on top. Add (according to personal taste) Sichuan pepper, fragrant sesame oil, black rice vinegar.
You have to eat it immediately after the sauce is poured if you want the noddles to stay crispy.

A side of maguro (local tuna) sashimi (bought that way).

Thinner crispy noodles :

sara-udon / age-soba

5 thoughts on “Crispy noodles with seafood ankake

  1. I just marvel at how fresh everything looks. Must be extremely delicious! I would probably nibble half of those fried noodles on its own before starting with the topping.

    • There are 2 servings of noddles in a package and you can’t reseal it and keep for later. That’s calculated that everybody eats the second one as snack.

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