Serial Udon

A compilation about Japanese white wheat noodles. They are made without egg or anything. That’s why they are so white.
It is said that the first ones were made in Sanuki, Shikoku, inspired by Chinese similar all wheat pasta.

Udon (square section wheat noodles)

Jajamen (Morioka style), a vegetal version

Season of udon

Squirrel udon, Osaka style kitsune (kitsune udon may be called tanuki udon in some places)

Kare udon (served cold)


Fushi, hand-pulled noodles and su-no-mono

duck tsukune fushi

(vermicelli type wheat noodles, usually served chilled in Summer)

White freshness

Sashimi somen

Umeboshi and tororo kombu

Hiyamugi with banbanji chicken

Niu-men (that’a another name for Winter (hot) somen)

Le marché du jour sur mes nouilles – market basket

So men became new men… gni ?

Salading those so-niu-men

Not yet on this blog, but there exist other “shapes” of “udon” : kishimen (flat like tagliatelle), and kyo-udon (thinner udon).


And there are other noodles in Japan, for instance :

soba soba-mania / buckwheat noodles

And others… ramen, yaki soba or chuka soba, sara udon, bifun rice vermicelli,

8 thoughts on “Serial Udon

    • You need training. Well, bring the bowl very close to your mouth and as soon as noodles enter your mouth, schluuuurrrrrpppp it noisily. It’s the good manner here. Grandpa would have loved it !

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