(in the labo) If you cross a mushi-pan and a gâteau moka…

That’s a trial… not completely achieved.
Le gâteau moka… the star cake of our grand-aunties.
There are many things called moka. The common point is the coffee and cocoa flavor.
I am talking about the biscuit cake garnish with fluffy cream and pineapple. The fluffy cream, was a mousseline ? That’s not the name, well… who cares about terms. I mean a custard cream, mixed with whipped cream. Today it’s about a different “week-day” version.

Mushi pan
I thought a simple mushi-pan (steamed cake) could be a good basis. I had veggies to boil, so I could steam the cakes on top.
Well, my cakes are… so-so… they raised and fell. They are more like a mochi. I liked them, but I would have prefered fluffy mushi-pan. I have to rethink the recipe.

Tofu cocoa fluffy cream.
That makes a dairy free, less fat cream. The tofu has a taste, but I think it goes well here.
It’s just silky tofu and cocoa powder in a blender… I whipped them by hand, and that’s not the best idea as that doesn’t get so smooth.
Both the cake and cream are flavored with cocoa, instant coffee (more in the cake, a hint in the cream), brandy (hints), vanilla (more in the cream), kurozato black sugar (a hint in the cake, more in the cream + lakanto sweeter in the cream).

Cup cake version.

Reversed version, with plenty of cream under.
Well, the mushi pan need revision… more about it later.

choc Chocolate Gourmandises

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