Poireau vinaigrette

My prefered way to prepare this simple Winter French salad.

The dish has a bad reputation, due to systematic sabotage by battalions of cooks in cheap cafeteria. They prepare it by the ton, mix that and lets it sit days.

What is delicious is soft sweet melty warm leek white, with strong flavorful vinaigrette.

This ideal for the big classic European leek.

Cook longly the white in water, just water, slow boil. Let it cool, on a table, then in the fridge, overnight. Drain (the broth can be used).
It becomes sweet in taste, and so soft that you can split it that way with a fork.

This vinaigrette is made of onion (shallot would be good… they are not always at reach here). I cut and salt the onions, let them a while then rince. Neutral oil and flavored vinegar (white wine tarragon vinegar). Lots of ground pepper. And as much roughly cut parsley as you have. Flat parsley taste better. I’d use the double of the curled one.

Mix and pour on the hot leeks at once. Serve within a few minutes.

Hot leeks ? I told you to let them cool… that’s why my plate is in a steaming basket : to reheat the looks.

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